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What is App Development?

Add revolutionary technology to your apps and create an experience that make usage of even complex processes seamless using advanced automation & devices native features:

  • Biometric authentication - Utilise modern fingerprint identification and facial recognition for a secure, intuitive user experience across the board.
  • Payments - Secure payments through Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Device camera - Provide the ability to take a photo via users camera or choose an existing one from the photo album.
  • Geolocation - Gather critical information about a user’s device tracking the current position of the device using GPS, along with altitude, heading, and speed information if available.
  • File systems - Save and read documents, assets, and other content your users need to access via native file systems.
  • Haptics - Add physical feedback through touch or vibration. features available on modern devices.
  • Notifications - Schedule local notifications on the device or handle push notifications sent from a server.

YetiTech has a culture where development and operations are enabled through process and tooling to take part in a shared responsibility for delivering secure software. The definition of DevSecOps Model, at a high-functioning level, is to integrate security objectives as early as possible in the lifecycle of software development. While security is “everyone’s responsibility,” DevOps teams are uniquely positioned at the intersection of development and operations, empowered to apply security in both breadth and depth.


  • Faster delivery: The speed of software delivery is improved when security is integrated in the pipeline. Bugs are identified and fixed before deployment, allowing developers to focus on shipping features.
  • Improved security posture: Security is a feature from the design phase onwards. A shared responsibility model ensures security is tightly integrated—from building, deploying, to securing production workloads.
  • Reduced costs: Identifying vulnerabilities and bugs before deploying results in an exponential reduction in risk and operational cost.
  • Enhancing the value of DevOps: Improving overall security posture as a culture of shared responsibility is created by the integration of security practices into DevOps.
  • Improving security integration and pace: Cost and time of secure software delivery is reduced through eliminating the need to retrofit security controls post development.
  • Enabling greater overall business success: Greater trust in the security of developed software and embracing new technologies enables enhanced revenue growth and expanded business offerings.


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